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12th February 2019
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We, at Barleigh Ellis in association with LENDERN FINANCIAL, working as a team to connect you with the leading mortgage banks of Spain, keeping your individual requirements in mind. According to the current trend, Spain has a fairly developed market of the mortgage with hundreds of lenders who offer numerous varieties of packages that will cater to your needs.

Lendern team of brokers has a strong association with the leading Spanish and international banks. Their excellent negotiation skill ensures that our clients get their conditions fulfilled. Thus they obtain the best deals from the trusted mortgage lenders. We boast of the fact that such flawless service you won’t find anywhere else. Do you need guidance for the mortgage set up process? Don’t worry as we are there to help you step by step too. 

Due to various reasons, there are many who finance at least a part of their property purchase. Given the current low-interestrates, it is beneficial for them.

Our team of mortgage collaborators is there to help you determine the repayment model that will be best suited for you, no matter whether it is fixed, variable or combination of both. They have specialized in securing a mortgage for resident and non-resident in Spain. We obtain the most competitive mortgage rates in Spain. Our team can also help you decide whether you can mortgage or remortgage an existing property.

There is a huge spike in the number of Spanish banks that are lending money for property purchase. This has resulted in a very convenient situation to get some amazing options for clients. In general, if you are a nonresident, the mortgage rate will be 70%. In the case of being a resident, you will get 80%, provided you pay income tax in Spain. Depending on the individual profile of clients, there are some banks too who offer loan to them who resides outside Europe. The best part is that the interest rate, just like the previous 4 years, is at all-time low. However, there can be a sudden rise in the rate which compels many to go for a fixed rat mortgage. 

Lendern team is constantly going through the evaluation process which enables us to know which mortgage plan and which lender will be the perfect option for you. This will save you from the confusion of different financing options. 

First, we will review your case or claim. After that, depending on your requirements, we will approach our contacts and associates. Our aim will provide you the freedom, confidence,and comfort when you are taking a crucial financial decision.

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