Arcworld is an Architecture firm directed by LUIS TURRENS and work in partnership with Barleigh Ellis.

It is made up of a dynamic team, with initiative, fully identified with the goal of excellence through architectural innovation with a special interest in technological development and respect for the environment.

We develop projects in different architectural areas.

NEW BUILDING: multi-family buildings and houses.
REHABILITATION: integral buildings, historical-artistic heritage.
INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: interior design of homes, commercial spaces.
EQUIPMENT: sports, hotels, offices, residences.


Architecture: preliminary project, basic project, execution project and construction management.
Engineering: telecommunications, solar thermal and photovoltaic collection, home automation, industrial activities.
INTERIOR topography: topographic survey of sites and buildings Geology: geotechnical studies of the subsoil.
Management: urban consultations, expert reports, appraisals, licensing and legalization.
Quality and innovation in architectural design as a key differentiating factor.

We work in multidisciplinary teams made up of specialists with extensive experience to meet quality, costs and deadlines.

Close collaboration with the client to satisfy their needs by creating value and profitability.



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